O Ojster, you are our kingdom, O mountain,
I can’t live without you, my homeland,
Only once, only once have I seen this place,
I wish I could always go back to it – a mountain paradise.

You shine like a pearl in the sun, O mountain,
My heart cannot forget you, my homeland.
I’ve seen this place only once, only once,
I wish I could always go back – a mountain paradise.

Jože Vršnik – Robanov

Our story

We are the Plesnik family. Our roots go deep into the history of Logarska Dolina. We have been here since the first records of this beautiful valley were written. Our house is not only your second home in nature, but also our home. And that is why we care for it and for you, our dear guests, with great respect and love.

We are proud and grateful to have the opportunity to add a small contribution to the rich history of development and tourism in the Logar Valley.

Logar valley

Dear guests of the Ojstrica House, we assure you that the Logar Valley will not leave you indifferent. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, it charms at first sight. Apart from the thousands of faces carved out by glaciers during the last ice age and now proudly presented to the travellers – with impressive two-thousanders, playful waterfalls, pristine high mountain farms, green meadows and mountain pastures, the old wooden granaries, the contrast between the grey of the precipitous cliffs and the white of the pebbles in the riverbed, where the crystal Savinja rises hesitantly in spring, the fragrant mountain larches and the seductive Kamnik murcas – you will be delighted with the hospitality of the locals as well.

These qualities, both natural and cultural, earned the Logar Valley the title of landscape park in 1987, under which sustainable development and a quality tourist offer have been consolidated ever since. Therefore, House Ojstrica is committed to keeping the landscape park pleasant and friendly not only for those of us who work and live here, but also for those who visit it.

For nature lovers, the Logar Valley promises both peaceful and exciting experiences in an unspoiled environment, and House Ojstrica offers many of these. Thanks to its beautiful location, the house is an excellent starting point for many attractive hiking trips to the peaks of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, cycling trips on panoramic roads and mountain trails, various forms of winter activities and more… Read more under the sports activities section.

Integration with the Sustainable Development Goals

It is substantially important that the Landscape Park continues to be welcoming and friendly for all who work and live here.

This also means for the people who visit us.